Welcome to the Guest Contribution section of my website. I have set this up, at least initially, to give students who are off school or college during the COVID-19 pandemic an opportunity to practise writing and to share their writing on a publicly accessible platform.

If you would like to have your contribution featured here, please take time to read the following guidelines:

Please email your contribution to along with a completed Guest Contribution Detail Form (see end of this post). The form seeks proof that you are a student in school or college or are normally home educated. It also seeks proof that you have permission from a parent/guardian to have your submission published (if you are under 18).

Include a line or two about yourself, including where you go to school/college. You may include a photo, but please send it as a separate file, not as part of your submission.

Book reviews, short stories, essays and poems are welcome, but they must be original, that is, they must be your own work. If you quote other sources, please provide details of the source.

Please feel free to use this platform to write about things that interest you and to practise the art of writing. It may be best to avoid the topic of COVID-19, just to give everyone a break!

Opinions are welcome, but please express them respectfully.

To preserve your voice as writer, I will make as few changes as possible, but will do some minor editing where necessary (e.g. correcting typos). The more carefully you write, the fewer changes I will need to make.

Submission does not guarantee publication, as I do not yet know how many writers will respond, though I will include as many submissions as possible.

This is not a competition and I encourage anyone who wants to write and see their writing online to give it a go, including those who have extra hurdles to overcome when writing.

I would like to thank Andrew from Design for Writers for helping me set up this extra facility on my website. Any technical glitches that follow are probably my own!

So …

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