How can I help?

I offer skilled editorial support – tailored to your needs – to help you communicate clearly and confidently with your readers.


What I do


Usually coming close to the end of the writing process, proofreading involves checking for errors that may have been missed in the writing and editing stages. While often physically small, these errors detract from the quality of the work, may distract or annoy the reader, and often reduce the reader’s confidence in the writer or publisher. I offer on-screen proofreading using Word, PDF and PowerPoint, and work on hard copy using BSI mark-up symbols.


Editing can range from working on the small details in sentences to substantive development and rewriting of text. I offer most levels of editing in non-fiction work, including on-screen editing using Word’s track changes, comments and styles and, where relevant, editing in PowerPoint. I can use tags/codes for publishing clients and tailor how I edit to suit a client’s needs.


While most of my work falls into the categories of proofreading or editing, I do other types of work at the request of clients. These include transcription (for example, of focus group and one-to-one interviews) and writing. I also provide support for clients who feel they need extra guidance in improving their writing, especially if English is not their main language or if they are new to non-fiction writing.


What people say

‘There are excellent proofreaders and editors and then there are outstanding proofreaders and editors. Having employed the services of Dr Gráinne Treanor in the recent past, I have no reservation in stating that the work of Dr Treanor can clearly be categorised as the latter.
Dr Caroline Renehan
Former Head of Religious Education, St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University (DCU)
Dr Gráinne Treanor is simply outstanding at proofreading and editing. I do not believe that anyone could do this work better.
Dr Kevin Williams
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection, Dublin City University (DCU)
Getting Gráinne to proofread my work was a godsend. The whole process was very easy and Gráinne was lovely to deal with. She is friendly, professional and efficient and I would highly recommend her services.
Maria Mc Mahon
EdD student, University of Lincoln

About my work

Anyone who writes can benefit from the work of an editor and proofreader.

Whether it’s the final check on a polished piece of writing or the more in-depth work of a developmental edit, the work of an editor or proofreader can make written material more accurate, consistent and easy to read.

Editing and proofreading are not just about spotting errors, though this is a significant part of the work, especially at the proofreading stage. An editor or proofreader also spots the strengths in a writer’s work and helps the writer make what is good even better.

They use their attention to detail, thoroughness, language skills and in-depth knowledge of the editing and proofreading processes to help the author make the most of what they are writing or to assist a publisher in doing so.

While an editor or proofreader needs to be meticulous, they also need to be caring. In that way, the work of an editor or proofreader may be likened to the work of a midwife – using a combination of gentle support and professional skill to help a writer bring their important work to the world. As a professional editor and proofreader, I try to build and nurture a supportive relationship with clients, offering my services in a non-judgemental, listening and constructive manner that brings out the best in writing.